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A giant slip and slide that is! This past weekend my husband constructed a gigantic slip and slide for the kids and well the adults too I guess…I think we ended up having more fun than the kids did. My ribs are still sore from sliding and my knees and elbows are nice and bruised…what a small price to pay for a weekend of fun though!! When we first pulled the slide out there were only about 4 or 5 of us on it, by the end of the day most of the neighbors were over and we were grilling out…I love spontaneous neighborhood get togethers:)  Almost everyone that stopped by took a run down the slide… which was very entertaining. On my first run down the slide – I tried to take off while no one was looking-  I got a little air, landed hard on my chest and slide about 10 feet before coming to a complete stop…the only thing I can compare my attempt to is a runner jumping for the finish line and landing just inches short…although I was about 60 feet short of the finish line. LOL It got a good laugh, that was more of what I was going for;) Alot of these pictures were taken with a 16-35mm lens that I borrowed for the day…if anyone is trying to think of a good- “we love you Jess” present that would be it…and it is on sale for $1,350 if you act now. LOL  A girl can dream can’t she;)

The bravest 9 month old I know! He loved it!

Even the dog got in on the action.

Noah took the big hit of the day with a tag team from R & C. He flipped all the

way over, and then got up and slide back down again. Fearless!

 Adam going for the gold!

  The man behind the madness.

I am pretty sure he hurt himself attempting this picture and I made him do it 3 times.

Two of the times I didn’t have my camera ready…sorry dear.

There was even some kung fun fighting (I have no idea what she was doing, she just

busted out a few karate moves all of the sudden).

 B. Jammin did not want the

fun to end. Reece was trying to console him:)

Our neighbors hung up their tree swing on Sunday, which some of the kids used to air dry!

And then the sun set…but our fun still continued…

I bet none of you thought of using your target bags as a shower cap slip and slide cap.

Practicing his Lotus pose on the slip and slide!

Kathi also mastered the Lotus slide…

Showing us her poker face before sliding.







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The kids were playing in the backyard with their new Little Tykes beach ball this afternoon(too cold for momma to be in the water – but they were having fun) and as I looked around I noticed there were ladybugs everywhere! I ran inside and grabbed the camera and here are a few of the images I was able to capture. I love ladybugs so of course I think these pictures are cool :-P

 Taking flight – how cool!


Hanging on to that little piece of grass for dear life!


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This past weekend Reece and I headed to Atlanta to take pictures of Addison. Addison was born just 3 weeks before Reece and this is the first time I have seen her! She is absolutely adorable:) As soon as we got to her house she came over and snuggled up to Reece to give him a kiss. Very cute! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend, enjoy!!


This cat stalked us almost the entire time we were shooting. He had the bluest eyes and they were crossed!! Very strange! At least he was friendly.

Addison was such a great model. She was completely exhausted by the time we were done…she missed her afternoon nap…sorry mom!

While passing through Dalton, GA Reece and I saw a bunch of these old cars drive past…so I grabbed my camera and took this shot. I know, I know there is an Applebee’s and a Wendy’s in the background. LOL

 My travelling buddy. He did a great job. He slept the entire way down and most of the way back:) This picture is a little noisy but still cute;)

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Reece and I just got back from ATL last night and we were both wiped out. I will try to post some pictures of little Addison as soon as I can!!

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Super kids…

My friend Julie gave each of my children their own initialed superhero capes for their birthdays. How cute are they!! She ordered them from www.etsy.com if anyone is interested in ordering one for their own child. Yesterday we decided to put them on and have some fun out in the cul de sac…after it stopped raining.

I know you may be asking yourselves, “So Jessi, what super powers do your kids have? ” Well let me just tell you!

 C’s super powers involve chatting.

He can blast his enemies into oblivion using his crazy verbal skills. 30 minutes and 1 story later, his enemies will be begging for mercy…or ear plugs.

 J’s super powers involve joke telling.

Just a few minutes with this girl and the bad guys will be laughing uncontrollably on the floor. That is when she strikes! Knocking them out with the flying elbow or headbutt! 

R’s super power is reeking havoc on the bad guy’s ear drums. He let’s out a screech so loud and ear piercing it has been known to crack glass (ok not really but I am waiting for this to happen sometime soon!).

Joce has not been very cooperative lately for pictures but she was really feeling the cape…that is why she has more pics. than the boys. Sometimes you have to strike while the iron is hot!!

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Another first…

This past Thursday night, Volunteer Ministries hosted a roast for UT Men’s Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl at the Convention Center in downtown Knoxville. My neighbor Meggie was contacted to shoot this event and asked if I would like to come along (of course I said Yes!). According the the news broadcast, there were 400 people in attendance, so it was a pretty big event! Pat Summit, Dan Bradshaw, Tony Jones, Ginnie Weatherstone, Burt Bertelkamp, Bob Kelsing & Phil Fulmer (via satellite) all took turns roasting Coach Pearl, who handled the playful banter relatively sweat free;) LOL He did jump up a few times in opposition to their jests but held most of his remarks for the end of the program when he had a chance to payback his unsuspecting roasters. I think Tony Jones (asst. coach) and Dane Bradshaw received the worst of it. LOL

The whole night was such a great experience and alot of fun.  As much fun as it was, it was also a bit nerve racking, since I have never taken pictures at an event before or used an external flash. It took me awhile to get comfortable with both, so I hope that Meggie is able to use some of the shots that I was able to capture;) Either way I hope that I get to shoot another event sometime soon ( I always welcome the practice)! Here are a few of my favorites.

A very rare occurence- Pat Summit smiling! Coach Pearl had a video that said the only thing scarier than her stare is her attire. He had footage of her courtside in her duds from the 1970s and 80’s. LOL

Dane being paid back!

The Roastee and his Roasters!

A note from Coach Pearl’s roast notes – Beating Memphis – the best 48 hours of his life. What a short lived #1 ranking!

Meggie & Coach Pearl. Thanks again Meggie for taking me along!

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I hope you all have a wonderful mother’s day!!!

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I hope you all have a wonderful mother’s day!!!

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A few people have asked me about this so I figured I would post about it;) The pictures that are on my site that show Meggie Velasco’s copyright were taken by me. I went on these shoots with Meggie as a sort of second shooter. They were her clients and therefore the pictures belong to her…that is why I have her copyright on them. I just wanted to clear up any confusion. Every picture that I post on this blog is a picture that I have taken unless stated otherwise. I know some of the pictures that I have posted look very similar to hers. While on a shoot Meggie would explain how she set up the shot and then I would take a similar picture…so that I could see how she arrived at the final image;) I hope this helps clear things up:)

If you have not done so already, make sure you click on Meggie’s website to check out her gallery and blog…she is very talented:) And very nice for being my Master Jedi photography teacher;)

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Ross & Mary Lyn

Tuesday night I met with Ross and Mary Lyn for their 4 and 1 year photos. These 2 are too cute, as you will see from the pictures below. Ross was definitely over it by the time we were wrapping things up; he kept telling me, “pictures take a loooong time”…which is exactly what my son always tells me. LOL They both did such a great job. Thank you Jill for allowing me to take pictures of your beautiful children!

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