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Sara & Jack

This past weekend I got to shoot at my very first wedding with Jaime Windon aka the blonde photographer (check your her site if you have not already!). It was AMAZING! I have been in and to my fair share of weddings but shooting at a wedding definitely heighten my awareness of the emotions flying around . On more than one occasion I found myself getting a little misty (the sun was in my eyes! lol) and trying to fight back tears and these were people that I had just met. The bride, Sara, had such an expressive face (as you will see in the pictures) and I don’t think Jack stopped smiling all day long. This was the perfect couple to shoot for a first wedding. They were fun, young and in love…and they had the best bridal party EVER – you will see why further down in ths post;) I hope you all enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Sara & Jack Congratulations!!! I hope you have a long and happy life together. Thank you both for letting me be a part of this day. And a huge thank you to Jaime for letting me serve as a second shooter and for letting me drool on, I mean use your 5D:) Enjoy!!

This was the driveway leading up to the wedding site. I actually turned around and came back down the driveway to get this picture…I am glad I did.

Sara & Jack’s son…he is such a cutie.

I cannot even tell you all how excited about this picture. I wanted to get this pictures 2 years ago when my friend Mindy got married (same place) and I only had my point and shoot so I was not able to get the shot.

First kiss as a married couple!

Ha! I love their faces in this picture.

For those of you who have taken pictures with me, you know I had to get this shot. LOL

How cute is his head on her shoulder!

I lost a bridesmaid behind Sara’s flowers but I just love the sassy body language and face!

Reason #1 that they are awesome- they are kung fu fighting.

Reason #2. If any of you blog readers have ever been to Ocean City, MD and gotten scopes…you can totally appreciate this picture. Jaime was telling me what a fun group this was the night before the wedding and I said what if they did a pyramid, that would be the best. When we were getting ready to do the group shots one of the groomsman leaned over and said- Why don’t we do a pyramid like the scopes guys do at the beach. See why I loved this group. LOL

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…it does! Sara said there is no way they are going to outdo us…so her girls and 1 bridesman dropped to their knees and did a pyramid as well!

Jaime and I were almost eaten alive by bugs trying to get a good ring shot. Sorry Jaime!

The father-daughter dance was very sweet.

I was so excited to have a few days to myself when I was in MD but after I took this picture my eyes definitely started to well up a little.

Catching Jaime’s flash at the reception.

The whole reception joined us outside for a jumping picture…I didn’t exactly catch the jump though;)

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Family Fun

A few months ago I submitted an entry into a contest that Family Fun magazine and Nikon were sponsoring. The grand prize was a Nikon D40. I did not win the grand prize but I was one of the 9 runner ups…so I got a free point and shoot and our picture in Family Fun magazine. I justt received 3 copies of it in the mail so I assumed this month was the month our story would be featured and sure enough, there we are on page 108. This is the picture I submitted…it looks aweful in the magazine though. LOL I was about 7 months pregnant with Reece in this picture so he was kind of with us:) Here are a few more pictures from that hike.

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Marjorie & Jeff

This past weekend I made the trek up to DC to shoot a wedding and an engagement session with Jaime Windon – also known as the blonde photogragher (check out her site if you have not already). I had such a great time! Jaime is very fun, very nice and very talented!! She and I went to the same high school but didn’t really meet for the first time until I was standing in her apartment. I don’t think either of us knew what to expect but we hit it off famously! I found her website through myspace and we have been conversing via email for the past few months. She has been such a great source of inspiration and knowledge for my photography. I am so glad I got to finally meet her in person:)

Ok, on to the  e-session. We met Marjorie and Jeff in Montrose Park in Georgetown right before dusk. The park is beautiful and had so many neat little places to shoot. Here are a handful of my favorite pictures from the day.

This is my favorite picture from the session. I cannot decide if I like it better black & white or in color.


At the end of the session they turned the cameras on us!

Thank you Marjorie, Jeff & Jaime for letting me tag along on this shoot. I had a great time! Congratulations on your engagement!!






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Sleepy go night night…

Is what I am about to do but I wanted to post these pictures of Reece first. I try to take Reece and Joce on a walk every night so they can get some fresh air and I can get some exercise (Cade has decided that he doesn’t ever want to go with us)…almost every walk Reece passes out in the backpack:) Tonight was no different.

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I'm back…

And I had a GREAT weeked! I have about 2,000- 2,200 images to go through from the weekend…I will try to post some of them soon.

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I’m back…

And I had a GREAT weeked! I have about 2,000- 2,200 images to go through from the weekend…I will try to post some of them soon.

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Well more like a car…don’t know when I’ll be back again…ok I’ll be back on Sunday:)

Here is a picture taken near the old barn at sunset…beautiful sky!

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