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Sneak peek…

From our “bridal study” (for lack of a better term) on Monday night. Ok Reba…you can’t say I don’t have any pictures of you on my blog now. More to follow!

**UPDATE** I will post more pictures when I get back. I am headed out of town! I will be back Monday!

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I am so glad I can finally post these pictures! I went along on this bridal shoot with Meggie last month and Sarah and Rusty were finally married yesterday…so I am free to post! All of the pictures were taken at Bleakhouse on Kingston Pike. What a great place to shoot! It is a very beautiful location and Meggie brought along some crazy props: chinese lanterns and bamboo. When we got there Sarah whipped out a pair of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat…I knew it would be an interesting shoot after that. The wild west meets the far east:) LOL  It all worked out and we got some great pictures…check Meggie‘s out on her blog. I know I have said this before but all of the pictures posted here were taken by me even though they have Meggie’s copyright on them (this was her bride). Enjoy and Congratulations to Sarah & Rusty!!

Tilt shift + lens flare = Sweet shot!

I wish that I had a picture of Meggie during this series of shots…she was hovering over the pond with me holding her legs so she didn’t fall in…it was hilarious. She is lucky that I like her and that I didn’t want her hair to bleed. haha!!

Mmmmm, tilt shifty…I love that lens. <<sigh>>

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I am 30! Looking back on all of the birthdays before this one really makes me feel that this one is the most special. This year I have so many things to look forward to. This fall my oldest child will start kindergarten, my middle child will start preschool and my youngest child will turn one. I am going to Europe in 3 months with one of the most important people in my life…my mother. This year my husband and best friend will celebrate 7 years of marriage. This winter, I will head back to school to begin my journey to a new profession. And who knows what this year will bring for my photography, which has been so well received by my friends and family.  So while some are afraid of turning 30, I am welcoming it with open arms. Happy Birthday to me:)

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Sunday afternoon we went to a  party at the Splash pad for Grayson’s 1st birthday. The splashpad was a little crowded but the weather was perfect for some splashing fun. What I mean by perfect is HOT. LOL Here are a few pictures of the partygoers:)

How cute is this guy?!

All tuckered out:)

Birthday kisses from mom!

Doing a little Kung Fu on a Sunday afternoon…ok not really. (If it looks like you are doing Kung Fu or anything that resembles Kung Fu, chances are the picture will appear on my blog. LOL)

Jaimes and the giant apple!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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On Friday John and his brother rented Harleys and drove through the Smokies and over to Asheville…here are a few of the pictures I got of them after their ride…they are so tough;) hee hee

wise guys!

John giving me the stink eye! LOL

John the firefighter…well at least that is what he looks like to me!

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This weekend I took the kids to the Fruit & Berry Patch to pick blueberries, peaches and plums. The kids had a great time, even though it was a million degrees outside.  I think Cade had the most fun and he doesn’t even eat fruit:( I was trying to find something fun to do with the kids for an hour or so while John was gone but we ended up staying for 3 hours! I also got stung while  picking plums…it was worth it though…they are good:) I have a TON of pictures from this weekend…so stayed tuned!

My little peach pickers!

The happiest peach picker in the patch. Say that fast three times.

My little blueberry smuggler…shhhh don’t tell anyone;)

After 3 hours delerium started to set in, so we decided to go home:)

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Splish Splash…

Last weekend we also took the kids to the Splash pad to run off some steam:) We were very lucky…there were only a handful of children there…normally it is packed:)

The bucket was a big hit..I think I spent most of my time under it as well. hee hee Mom’s get to have fun too right!

We were not sure how Reece would react but he LOVED it!

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This past weekend we took the children to Forks of the River to check out the sunflowers. We tried to find this field last year but apparently we were looking in the wrong place! We also thought there was just 1 field and actually there are quite a few. We are lucky we arrived when we did because most of the flowers are starting to wilt and die:( The kids had a great time taking in the scenery. Jocelyn Bellasara was my model for this outing;)

Cade told us that we were going to go to jail for taking this sunflower with us…yet he still decided to take a picture with it. LOL Poor guy, sometimes he is too much like his mama.

This picture makes me laugh a little. I have never seen a camera without a viewfinder before but Cade’s camera does not have one…only the LCD screen on the back. He still puts it up to his face to take pictures though. LOL

Joce thanks daddy with a kiss for taking her to see the sunflowers!

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Eat Moooooore Chikin!

Today we took the children to Chick Fila to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day.  Once a year, Chick Fila gives free food to anyone dressed like a cow…yet another reason to love Chick Fila!! The kids had alot of fun dressing up like cows and they loved all of the characters walking around while they ate…I am not sure they even ate very much…thank goodness it was free;) Thanks to Ms. Devon for the very creative costumes;)

We got there early enough to catch the whole crew outside for a quick picture!

Giving Do-do-do-do-da-Dora some love.

Elmo cow stopped by to show John some love.

Spongebob naughty pants. He caught me checking out the udders and moved in to give me a closer look. INAPPROPRIATE!!! John & I got a little chuckle out of it. I can now see why some parents do not like Spongebob Naughty pants!!

Mom & Dad having some fun:)

The kids showing Chick Fila a little appreciation with their best Moooooooos.

One of the cows we passed on the way home giving us all a friendly reminder!!!




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July 4th was originally slated to be the first annual “Sac” Olympics. For months we have been thinking up games for the adults…oh yeah and the kids (because it is all about the kids right)… but when it came time to really sit down and plan…we all decided we were just too worn out to make this into a formal gathering with events…maybe next year…which means no one can move! I think the end result was just as fun. We had the slip and slide, unbreakable water ballons…which may or may not have caused some permanent damage ( I know my neck is still healing…thanks Adam!), a “snowball” fight and illegal fireworks…who/what?? I mean some hooligans from down the street were shooting off fireworks. Without further ado…enjoy!!!

Cade getting his game face on!

Reece giving me the…oh great camera time face:(

That frown quickly turned upside down after a few trips down the slip and slide…he loved it!


Perhaps a little too much. LOL

Jacob – post knock out, pre- bee sting.

Meggie took this shot- great pics Meggie! She also took the next one!

Speaking of Meggie…here she is in her lovely dollar tree shower cap…purchased by yours truly. I was so excited about this shower cap only to find out that she did not recently have her “hair did”…so she was not worried about it “bleeding”. You win some, you lose some.

 Another shot taken my Meggie:)

Bill a first timer! And visitor in from MD! He’s saaaaaaaffffffe!

Look at that determination. Go Justin! The guys are always trying to see who can make the longest run down the slip and slide…pretty soon they are going to slide right out into the street.

Even Big Vern got in on the action! Go Big Vern!!!

Oh yeah- they got me on this one…mud on the camera!! Look at Justin though, totally worth it. LOLOL

Don’t ask, don’t tell.

John- The Slip N Slide trickmaster.

No guts, no glory! Brian also a first timer! Trying to break the record. I have no idea who made the longest run…so I guess they all won.

This is how most of us cleaned off.

Noah enjoying the ride!

Apparently Noah said something hilarious.

The “snowballs”.

Cade getting ready to pelt me with snowballs.

Mindy getting pelted with snowballs!

Big vern please don’t throw anymore snowballs at the children…totally kidding! No children were harmed during the snowball fight.

Get him Beth!!

Time to pay the piper Beth!

Suzanne about to take West down!

Someone is about to get it!

Ready! Aim!


B. Jammin enjoyed the fight…safe in his mother’s arms.

Brynna also enjoyed the snowball fight!

Until next year. Happy 4th!!!





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