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He shoots…he scores!

I am still working on everyone’s pictures but I wanted to throw this post into the mix:) My friend let me borrow her 70-200mm lens for the weekend, so I figured I would take advantage of it and use it at one of Cade’s soccer games. John was unable to go to the game so my brother Josh came along to help with the other two children. Thanks Josh:)

Snuggling with Uncle Josh:)

Joce is waiting very patiently to turn 4 so she can play soccer. In the meantime, she sits on the sidelines and watches all of the kids play off of the field. She loves going to the games;)

He was so excited that he scored! He ran over to tell me. Good job Cade!!



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“cause I eats me spinach. I’m Popeye the sailorman”. My mother so kindly pointed out that finish was spelled incorrectly- but that is the way Popeye pronounces it:)

Gotta love Target for putting out onesies like this:)

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“cause I eats me spinach. I’m Popeye the sailorman”. My mother so kindly pointed out that finish was spelled incorrectly- but that is the way Popeye pronounces it:)

Gotta love Target for putting out onesies like this:)

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Whitney & Matt

Last Friday I shot my very first wedding! I had no idea what to expect as I had never met Whitney or Matt before their wedding day. Due to an unfortunate series of events this wonderful couple found themselves in need of a photographer just days before their wedding! They found me through a mutual friend and the rest is history! I must admit I was a bit nervous at the start of the day but once I met Whitney and Matt any fears or anxiety that I had melted away. Matt was extremely laid back and Whitney was running around crazy, as can be expected of bride who planned her entire wedding.  She even made the bouquets & boutonnieres and they looked fabulous! Once everything was in place and ready to go, she had a huge smile on her face and it remained there for the rest of the night. Whitney & Matt thank you for allowing me to be a part of this special day. Your family and friends are fantastic and I have no doubt in my mind that the two of you will have a long and happy life together!

Warning: This is going to be a huge post. It is my first wedding…so i am excited about these images:)

Whitney & Matt could not have asked for a more beautiful wedding day.

Matt’s father was the officiant for the ceremony. I snuck outside to get this shot while he was reading over his ceremony notes:)

Matt’s brother was married just one month ago by their father…so they have been one busy family!

Whitney’s girls did a great job keeping her occupied while we waited for the ceremony to begin.


I am all about flips on the dance floor;)

I wanted to take this woman home with me.  She was hilarious!




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Sydney Willow

This past weekend before the UT game (if that is what you want to call it…more like UT shalacking) I got to meet a very special girl:) I have been following her story (her mom keeps an online journal) since she was born almost 2 years ago and I finally got to meet her on Saturday! Sydney was born 3 months early and she weighed in at just 15 ounces…yes ounces! She was basically the size of a cell phone and could fit into the palm on your hand. She has come such a long way in just two short years and it was such a pleasure to meet such a beautiful child, who is so full of life and love. Enjoy:)

Playing with her new Smokey doll:)

Lots of love from mom and dad:)

We will call this, “Oh no the Vols lost face”.

Sydney and I were playing a game of Peek a Boo…she was having a great time!

I think this is my favorite picture from the bunch- look at that smile!!

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Whitney & Matt Sneak Peek

I had a very last minute call to shoot a wedding on Friday at Whitestone Inn. It was my first time shooting a wedding alone! I had a great time and was completely exhausted at the end of the day:) It was worth it though! Here is a sneak peek from Whitney & Matt’s wedding. More to come!!

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Erin- Maternity Session

A few weeks ago I got together with my friend Erin to take some maternity pictures. I told her we needed to take pictures while she still felt good and not like a pregnant woman. She called and told me she was starting to feel huge…so we decided to move quickly. When I saw her I wanted to laugh…she is still so tiny!! In some of the pictures you can barely even tell she is pregnant…she looks fantastic! Her small bump actually worked in our favor in a few of the shots…they would not have been possible with a bigger bump:) Thanks for spending the day with me Erin, I had a great time! Enjoy!

** I want to throw in a shameless plug for Erin and her husband. John owns Firecrete and does all things concrete.  Please pass his site and name along to anyone that you know that needs concrete work done!! Also, Erin has her own monogramming company and she does a great job!!  So, if you need a personalized gift for a baby or adult please shoot her an email @ erinroth@gmail.com.

We warmed up with a few pictures at Erin’s house…her neighbors probably thought we were crazy…this was taken out on the curb in front of their house.

Ella- the big sister. She is such a cutie:)

I did ask permission to post the next four pictures:) Thanks Erin!!

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