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Owen is a big brother! Two weeks ago, while I was in MD I stopped over to photograph Owen and his new baby brother Nicholas. I don’t think we could have asked for a nicer day…the weather was perfect for chasing 2 year olds, playing cars, laying in the grass and eating lollipops. Thank you Scott, Tina, Owen and Nicholas for spending your Sunday morning with me!

Would someone please give this boy a lollipop?

There we go:) Big smiles now!

After we were done playing outside, we headed inside for a few more shots of Nicholas.

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Last weekend, while I was in MD I spent some time outside playing with my nephew Joe and his favorite toy…his elephant…or Eh-sant…as he calls it. Here are a few of my favorites!

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…more to come from these two little cuties!

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Last weekend, I headed over to Evy’s house to take her 1 year portraits. Her birthday party was the day before and as luck would have it, her mother saved 1 cupcake…which was all we needed to get some fun shots of this little cutie. Happy Birthday Evy!!

Armpit tickling always makes for a good laugh:)

She’s thinking about it…

…ok give it to me!

After cupcake time was over, we headed upstairs for some teddy bear and story time.

Soon to be followed by naptime:)

After Evy went down for her nap, I grabbed a few shots of mom and dad:)

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Two weeks ago I met up with the Hightower family for a few family shots. It was freezing outside but we made it through the shoot with only a few tears which quickly disappeared once I was given…I mean the kids were given lollipops;) Thank you Hightower family for braving the cold and spending your morning with me. Most of the images I took were more formal so most of these are the more candid shots I grabbed. Enjoy!


John Hampton.

Graham and John Hampton decided to start modeling for me, which was absolutely hilarious since the other children wanted nothing to do with me.

Hartley. The only girl in the mix.


Sam. This little guy wouldn’t smile for me until the every end of the shoot.

All the boys.

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Two days after Christmas Stephanie and David were married at the Mountain View United Methodist Church in Knoxville.  It was freezing and windy but these two only seemed to notice each other. Congratulations Stephanie and David!!

While I was taking pictures of the girls, David pulled up. The next picture is Stephanie hiding from David.

First Sight.

Lighting the memory candles before the ceremony.

Almost go time!

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Happy Birthday Evy! More to come…

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Last month, while I was in Nashville for my photography workshop I stayed with an old friend of mine. Karen was one of the only friends I had when we lived in Nashville 6 years ago and I haven’t seen her since I moved away 6 years ago….so I was thrilled to reconnect with her even if it was only for a day. While I was there I grabbed a few shots of her and her beautiful family at the Factory in Franklin. Thank you Karen and Aaron for putting me up for 2 days!! P.S. The kids are unbelievably beautiful:)

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Last month I had the pleasure of shooting alongside one of my favorite photogs and one of my best buds, Jaime Windon aka The Blonde Photographer. Lian and Mark’s wedding was one for the record books, it was an unbelievable day from start to finish. As I usually do, I will let the pictures do the talking… they tell quite a story!  Thank you Lian & Mark for letting me be a part of such an amazing day! Congratulations!

Mark is a DJ. I loved his turntable cake!

The Blondies attack the photobooth, Village People Style.

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5 Fruitcakes!

Behold our 2009 Holiday Card. I figured everyone could use a little laughter this holiday season…at our expense of course:) It took us two attempts to get this shot, numerous lollipops and my poor husband had to sacrifice his beloved beard for the picture…thanks dear:) It was tough coming up with another fun idea to match last year’s card (https://5rings.wordpress.com/2008/12/21/which-list-will-you-be-on-this-year/) but hopefully we succeeded.

Merry Christmas!!

This would have been the picture but I cropped it too close in camera…oops!

This was our first attempt. We didn’t love it.

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