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A sneak peek from the wedding I shot last weekend with MK McKenna. More to come…


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Sara & Jack

This past weekend I got to shoot at my very first wedding with Jaime Windon aka the blonde photographer (check your her site if you have not already!). It was AMAZING! I have been in and to my fair share of weddings but shooting at a wedding definitely heighten my awareness of the emotions flying around . On more than one occasion I found myself getting a little misty (the sun was in my eyes! lol) and trying to fight back tears and these were people that I had just met. The bride, Sara, had such an expressive face (as you will see in the pictures) and I don’t think Jack stopped smiling all day long. This was the perfect couple to shoot for a first wedding. They were fun, young and in love…and they had the best bridal party EVER – you will see why further down in ths post;) I hope you all enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Sara & Jack Congratulations!!! I hope you have a long and happy life together. Thank you both for letting me be a part of this day. And a huge thank you to Jaime for letting me serve as a second shooter and for letting me drool on, I mean use your 5D:) Enjoy!!

This was the driveway leading up to the wedding site. I actually turned around and came back down the driveway to get this picture…I am glad I did.

Sara & Jack’s son…he is such a cutie.

I cannot even tell you all how excited about this picture. I wanted to get this pictures 2 years ago when my friend Mindy got married (same place) and I only had my point and shoot so I was not able to get the shot.

First kiss as a married couple!

Ha! I love their faces in this picture.

For those of you who have taken pictures with me, you know I had to get this shot. LOL

How cute is his head on her shoulder!

I lost a bridesmaid behind Sara’s flowers but I just love the sassy body language and face!

Reason #1 that they are awesome- they are kung fu fighting.

Reason #2. If any of you blog readers have ever been to Ocean City, MD and gotten scopes…you can totally appreciate this picture. Jaime was telling me what a fun group this was the night before the wedding and I said what if they did a pyramid, that would be the best. When we were getting ready to do the group shots one of the groomsman leaned over and said- Why don’t we do a pyramid like the scopes guys do at the beach. See why I loved this group. LOL

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…it does! Sara said there is no way they are going to outdo us…so her girls and 1 bridesman dropped to their knees and did a pyramid as well!

Jaime and I were almost eaten alive by bugs trying to get a good ring shot. Sorry Jaime!

The father-daughter dance was very sweet.

I was so excited to have a few days to myself when I was in MD but after I took this picture my eyes definitely started to well up a little.

Catching Jaime’s flash at the reception.

The whole reception joined us outside for a jumping picture…I didn’t exactly catch the jump though;)

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Marjorie & Jeff

This past weekend I made the trek up to DC to shoot a wedding and an engagement session with Jaime Windon – also known as the blonde photogragher (check out her site if you have not already). I had such a great time! Jaime is very fun, very nice and very talented!! She and I went to the same high school but didn’t really meet for the first time until I was standing in her apartment. I don’t think either of us knew what to expect but we hit it off famously! I found her website through myspace and we have been conversing via email for the past few months. She has been such a great source of inspiration and knowledge for my photography. I am so glad I got to finally meet her in person:)

Ok, on to the  e-session. We met Marjorie and Jeff in Montrose Park in Georgetown right before dusk. The park is beautiful and had so many neat little places to shoot. Here are a handful of my favorite pictures from the day.

This is my favorite picture from the session. I cannot decide if I like it better black & white or in color.


At the end of the session they turned the cameras on us!

Thank you Marjorie, Jeff & Jaime for letting me tag along on this shoot. I had a great time! Congratulations on your engagement!!






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Another first…

This past Thursday night, Volunteer Ministries hosted a roast for UT Men’s Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl at the Convention Center in downtown Knoxville. My neighbor Meggie was contacted to shoot this event and asked if I would like to come along (of course I said Yes!). According the the news broadcast, there were 400 people in attendance, so it was a pretty big event! Pat Summit, Dan Bradshaw, Tony Jones, Ginnie Weatherstone, Burt Bertelkamp, Bob Kelsing & Phil Fulmer (via satellite) all took turns roasting Coach Pearl, who handled the playful banter relatively sweat free;) LOL He did jump up a few times in opposition to their jests but held most of his remarks for the end of the program when he had a chance to payback his unsuspecting roasters. I think Tony Jones (asst. coach) and Dane Bradshaw received the worst of it. LOL

The whole night was such a great experience and alot of fun.  As much fun as it was, it was also a bit nerve racking, since I have never taken pictures at an event before or used an external flash. It took me awhile to get comfortable with both, so I hope that Meggie is able to use some of the shots that I was able to capture;) Either way I hope that I get to shoot another event sometime soon ( I always welcome the practice)! Here are a few of my favorites.

A very rare occurence- Pat Summit smiling! Coach Pearl had a video that said the only thing scarier than her stare is her attire. He had footage of her courtside in her duds from the 1970s and 80’s. LOL

Dane being paid back!

The Roastee and his Roasters!

A note from Coach Pearl’s roast notes – Beating Memphis – the best 48 hours of his life. What a short lived #1 ranking!

Meggie & Coach Pearl. Thanks again Meggie for taking me along!

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