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This past week, I met up with Brooke to take a few shots of her ever growing belly.  She is 31 weeks pregnant and she looks absolutely fantastic! I wish I looked that good when I was 31 weeks pregnant! Brooke was willing to do anything, which always makes for great pictures! It was absolutely freezing outside, so most of these were taken inside. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!!

I did ask for Brooke’s permission before posting these pictures. So future maternity clients, please know that I would never post bare belly pictures without your permission!



I am addicted to sun flare:)


See I told you. Ok, no more sun flare in this post!







I love this green wall! This is the color of the baby’s nursery, which is very cute! Brooke and her husband hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro last year.  So, they decided to incorporate some of the photos they took on that trip and some of the art work they brought back to make a jungle animal themed nursery. It is such a cool room!









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Erin- Maternity Session

A few weeks ago I got together with my friend Erin to take some maternity pictures. I told her we needed to take pictures while she still felt good and not like a pregnant woman. She called and told me she was starting to feel huge…so we decided to move quickly. When I saw her I wanted to laugh…she is still so tiny!! In some of the pictures you can barely even tell she is pregnant…she looks fantastic! Her small bump actually worked in our favor in a few of the shots…they would not have been possible with a bigger bump:) Thanks for spending the day with me Erin, I had a great time! Enjoy!

** I want to throw in a shameless plug for Erin and her husband. John owns Firecrete and does all things concrete.  Please pass his site and name along to anyone that you know that needs concrete work done!! Also, Erin has her own monogramming company and she does a great job!!  So, if you need a personalized gift for a baby or adult please shoot her an email @ erinroth@gmail.com.

We warmed up with a few pictures at Erin’s house…her neighbors probably thought we were crazy…this was taken out on the curb in front of their house.

Ella- the big sister. She is such a cutie:)

I did ask permission to post the next four pictures:) Thanks Erin!!

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Here are the rest of Wombat’s pictures. This is the first time I have done maternity pictures, so I was a little nervous but Bat went along with almost everything I wanted to do and I think we got some great pictures:)  After my visit to Southern Illinois, I realized just how much of a city girl I am. I asked Bat to stand in a field of tall grass and she told me no way…there could be ticks and snakes in the tall grass. So I said okay how about getting in some water, like a pond…she told me there were water moccasins in the ponds…so I didn’t get a few of the pictures I had planned in my head but it is probably for the best…a few lives were spared. LOL Thanks Bat for being my guinea pig! I am so glad we got to hang out for the weekend, even if that meant gambling at the Peach Festival (I will post that later).

I love this picture…what is she hiding behind that grin. Hmmmm.

When we were leaving the house, Bat’s grandmother looked at her and shook her head. Bat asked why she was shaking her head and she said, I just don’t know about this…moving her hand in a circular motion near Bat’s belly. Bat said, you don’t know about what, me being pregnant? And Grandma said, no this outfit. When we were pregnant we used to try to hide that. LOL I wish I had heard that conversation, Bat told it to me in the car. Her grandmother is 95 and still sharp as a tack and funny. Love that woman!

I love my new 16-35mm lens…thank you dearest husband for the birthday gift! (This picture was taken with that lens)

I shot this picture through the cracks in the door of a nearby cabin:)

We had perfect timing on this picture. We passed by this sign the following day and they had changed it out. LOL The Peach Festival was the biggest news story that weekend.

We were on our way to the next location and I saw this chair out of the corner of my eye. It was just sitting on the side of the road…like it was waiting for me to find it. I slammed on the brakes and started driving in reverse to get back to it. Bat thought I was insane. I told her on the way back to the chair that I found something cool and would understand if she didn’t want to do it but I explained that she was going to do it anyway…after a moment of hesitation she walked through the grass and sat in this super cool chair on the side of the road. LOL  She only had 3 or 4 ticks land on her while we were shooting…sometimes you have to suffer for art:)

Bat had so many cool locations for us to shoot, the next few pictures were taken in the barn at her dad’s house.

Since she wasn’t willing to stand in the tall grass like I wanted her to…I made her stand in a field of soy beans. Jessi 1, Wombat 0. Ha Ha!

Yet another reason I love this gal (awesome sense of humor)! Congrats on Baby #1…I can’t wait to meet him!!






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