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Happy Easter everyone!! We headed downtown to attempt family pictures today. We definitely ended up with more laughs than photos… but I am okay with that:) 




Reece kept running away from me laughing- so here is his headshot. 


I finally had to lay him down to get a picture…the laughter stopped shortly after. 



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Cade and Joce have been taking swimming lessons for the last month, so I decided it was time to bring my camera to class for a few action shots. Luckily, they are so used to seeing the camera glued to my face that candids are not an issue for us. Enjoy!

(The title of this post is a saying that my brother came up with when Cade was a baby. Whenever Cade used to take a bath and splash around, my brother Gabe would ask if he was swimming like a fish, fish. The saying has just kind of stuck with us and it just seemed so fitting for this post!)









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This post comes after a super sweet and unexpected surprise arrived on my doorstep this morning. Last week, I mentioned to my friend Jaime that I wanted to have our friend Quinn doodle a picture of my daughter Jocelyn. I really did not expect anything to come of this conversation but when you are friends with Jaime, you have to learn to expect the unexpected! After my discussion with her, she and Quinn teamed up to create an awesome graphic art canvas of Jocelyn in her Snow White dress. The original picture was taken by my neighbor Meggie Velasco and is absolutely one of my favorite pictures of Joce ever! Tears started to stream down my face when I opened the package. It was beautiful!!! Both of these women are so talented and so giving and for that I am so thankful to have them in my life. I haven’t even met Quinn in person yet!!! We are virtual friends!! I wanted to hop in the car and drive up to DC and give both of these girls a hug!!! In a million lifetimes I could never repay any of my friends for the things that they do for me each and every day. Each and every one of you is so special to me and I cannot imagine my life without you all in it. Thank you Jaime and Quinn for this very unexpected surprise- you have no idea how much it helped brighten my day! And even more importantly, I think a world record may have been broken today. Quinn and Jaime held a secret in for more than 2 days. Yay!!! I am so proud of you both!

Please make sure you head over to Jaime and Quinn’s sites to check out their work. As I said before, they are both extremely talented!! Quinn is also running a special – 15% off of her doodles. So make sure you get doodled before the special ends!!

The picture above shows the original image and the doodle. The canvas can be seen below.


Here is Joce with her picture. After she saw it she wanted to put her Snow White dress on!

I told her about the surprise when I picked her up from school. She could hardly contain her excitement! Well, Cade was not quite so happy for her, since he didn’t get a surprise too. So, to make himself feel better he told her it was probably a boring surprise like a pile of dirty underwear.  After that comment, they spent the rest of the ride home coming up with silly things that it could be- a pile of grass, leaves, a car, and the list went on. I was hoping we would make it home before boogers were introduced! You’ve gotta love kids!

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The Best Day EVER!!!


Yesterday  was coined by my 5 year old as The Best Day EVER!  His day started with a school cancellation due to the weather, followed by sledding, McDonalds, more sledding, and then bedtime. The kids absolutely LOVED sledding! Here are a few pictures of them on the snow ramp we built in the backyard. We have a hill in the back but it wasn’t quite steep enough, but this ramp helped fix that;) Enjoy!







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Dust of Snow


The way a crow

Shook down on me

The dust of snow

From a Hemlock tree

Has given my heart 

A change of mood

And saved some part 

Of a day I had rued. ~ Robert Frost


I was quite surprised this morning to wake up and see snow falling from the skies in East Tennessee. I was just telling a friend yesterday how I wanted just one day of the white stuff. Ask and you shall receive, I guess!  Jocelyn and Reece have never seen snow and Cade was probably too young to remember the last time that is snowed, so this was an exciting day for them. We spent most of the day outside catching snowflakes on our tongues and making snow angels and snowmen. Perhaps tonight I will ask to win the lottery:)








This guy decided he was going to model for me today. A rarity!







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Christmas Card Pictures- take one!


You will have to stayed tuned to see the finished product but here is an out take from our Christmas card session. Hahaha.

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Fall Fun

The other day our neighbors made a leaf pile and invited the kids over to share in the fun. Here are a few of the images I was able to capture.

Watching my kids do the things that I did as a child always takes me back and makes me temporarily forget how old I really am. I was half tempted to jump into that pile with them but then I remembered the last time I joined in on their fun…I had to get an MRI on my knee ( I get the results on Tuesday- Yay!). Instead, I decided to grab the camera and just watch from the sidelines.


Buddha- our first child and the best dog ever.


I told the children to throw the leaves on me…big mistake! It made for some cute pictures but I had leaves stuck in my hair for days.







Reece was a little unsure of the leaf pile.


Cade was not quite as concerned. He gave that pile a Chuck Norris sized Kick!

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Sorry I was having a Fleetwood Mac flashback!

So, last night I finished my to do list and decided that I needed to get to bed early for once (and by early, I mean midnight).  As soon as I laid down, the dog started barking and running around the house trying to get to a window. John and I jumped out of bed and made our way to the window, only to find our pumpkins had been taken! The kids had just carved the pumpkins on Monday night and were so excited to display them out front! They even poured salt on the ground last night to keep the slugs away from their beloved pumpkin masterpieces. John hopped in the car and drove around the neighborhood in hopes of finding the people responsible, but they were long gone… leaving only a trail of smashed up mailboxes and broken pumpkins in the road.  This morning I knew I had to come up with something to tell the children. They share my passion for Halloween but they are still young and afraid of bad people and scary monsters. John and I didn’t think it would be right to tell them that some bad people came and took their pumpkins because that would only freak them out. Instead, I decided to tell them a much happier tale of a family of 4 that didn’t have enough money to buy their own pumpkins and asked if they could have ours. I also mentioned that this family was very impressed with the faces carved on the pumpkins (which the kids had drawn and cut out themselves).  I apologized to the children for giving away their pumpkins and told them that I would replace them this evening. Before I could even finish my sentence Cade looked up at me and said, “Mom, it’s okay…they don’t have any money…they can have our pumpkins”.  I feel terrible for lying to my children about what happened but I must say that I couldn’t be more proud of the response that Cade gave me.

Just wanted to share that story with you all:)

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“cause I eats me spinach. I’m Popeye the sailorman”. My mother so kindly pointed out that finish was spelled incorrectly- but that is the way Popeye pronounces it:)

Gotta love Target for putting out onesies like this:)

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“cause I eats me spinach. I’m Popeye the sailorman”. My mother so kindly pointed out that finish was spelled incorrectly- but that is the way Popeye pronounces it:)

Gotta love Target for putting out onesies like this:)

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